Our Lake

Jefferson Lake

Jeff Lake Day Camp takes its name from Jefferson Lake, the pride and joy of camp, where campers have 50 acres of waterfront to explore, learn and develop skills. Campers receive age-appropriate instruction in boating, and advanced swimmers learn how to safely navigate the lake.

Campers of all ages have the opportunity to participate in water activities tailored to fit their skill levels. Freshman campers can safely gain confidence in our enclosed cove learning to row or paddle a boat. Junior and Senior campers can enjoy kayaking or boarding with friends, and nothing beats Hydro Tubing on Lake Hopatcong! Seniors can also learn to sail and develop their canoeing skills, a program that culminates in a senior canoe trip down the Delaware River!

Fishing on New Jersey’s Jefferson Lake has long been a beloved pastime for campers of all ages. During the average summer, we catch and release close to 3,000 fish! There is nothing like catching your first fish!