6th to 10th Grade

Our Senior Program for campers in sixth through tenth grade is bursting with new choices and the opportunity for self-discovery! In addition to the regular day camp program, Senior Campers can experience:

  • Inflatable Lake Playground
  • Sailing
  • Stand Up Paddle Boards
  • Senior Camp Special Events
  • League Play
  • More Out of Camp Trips
  • Optional Weekend Trip to Hershey Park for 7th-8th graders
  • Middle School Boot Camp (mini Color War)
  • Middle School Late Night at Camp
Senior Camp

Our T.A.R.G.E.T. (Teamwork, Acceptance, Respect, Goals, Energy and Togetherness) program encourages our oldest day campers to work together in team-building activities, breaking down social barriers and enhancing problem-solving skills.

In our middle school program, we put a huge emphasis on having our pre-teen campers feel their age. The program grows with them, and they always feel like they have new opportunities for self and peer-exploration. Senior campers cheer loud, play hard and savor their time with friends! You are guaranteed to feel like family at Jeff Lake Senior Camp!