Staff Positions

General Counselors

General Counselors are responsible for the physical and emotional well-being of the campers in their group. Working in teams of three, General Counselors supervise between 12 and 18 campers as they go about their daily summer camp activities. General Counselors get to know their campers well and provide them with leadership, support and guidance throughout the summer. Each group is led by a college aged Senior Counselor. Alongside the Senior Counselor are Assistant Counselors who are entering their Freshman year of college and/or Junior Counselors who are entering 11th and 12th grade.


Specialists are instructors who have expertise in a specific activity and work full-time in that program area. All Specialists are responsible for the physical and emotional well-being of the campers attending their program area. Specialists also assist with trips and special events.


Our medical staff members are a crucial part of the camp community. Jeff Lake Day Camp employs a staff of full-time RNs who dispense all medications (prescription and over-the-counter), triage and treat campers and staff at the Health Center, and supervise campers not well enough to attend activities. Nurses must be licensed RNs who love and understand children and must obtain New Jersey licensing. Nurses may also be asked to help supervise day trips and help address general community health and hygiene issues.

Kitchen & Maintenance

Our kitchen and maintenance staff works tirelessly for all of our campers and staff. The kitchen staff assists in the preparation, serving and cleanup of daily meals and snacks. Our maintenance team consists of highly skilled carpenters, landscape artists and facility operators who take pride in the upkeep of our day camp.